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Full Version: Programming languages you "speak"
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So, what programming languages do you work with or at least know how to use them? You can also list markup languages and the like, if you want.

My programming languages:
  • JavaScript - My preferred language, use it daily and love it (at least, the good parts Wink)
  • C++ - Use it mainly at work. It is much too complex, overall; fortunately, you don't have to use all of it's features.
  • PHP - Used it for my own web stuff for many years; use it at work, too.
  • Java - I learned it and I'm able to use it. Not too fond of it, though.
  • Python - Started using it not too long ago. I like it, not as much as JavaScript, but it's a really nice language.

Other languages:
  • HTML - I use it for more than 10 years already. Although it is not a programming language, it is what sparked my interest in "developing".
  • CSS - Pretty much the same as with HTML.
  • SQL - I use it quite often at work. Sometimes for personal stuff, too.
  • JSON - I love it's simplicity. It's so simple, there's not much else to say about it, really.
  • XML - Use it for some of my personal projects as well as at work.
  • XML Schema - I hate it, but I have to use it anyway.

All in all I have to say that I prefer languages that have functional features like JavaScript and Python. It's like, when you haven't used it yet, you don't know what you're missing, but once you really get into it languages that do not have first-class functions feel really clunky and complicated. I also like prototypal inheritance much better than classical inheritance.

I think functional programming is the future and if you look at what features newer versions of older languages implement or plan to implement, you might agree. For example, both C++ and PHP now have some kind of closures or lambdas as well. Afaik, even the Java guys discuss adding something similar to their language. And functional languages like Scala, Haskell and Clojure seem to become more and more popular recently.

So, what languages do you use?


I can write a little in most programming languages, but mostly because my Google-Fu is very strong. I'm only really proficient at Python and HTML. At High School they gave us lessons in Pascal, but I used to mess around with basic batch programming, qbasic and visual basic back in the day.