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Full Version: Tips for animated lips
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My issue :

i want the character to "lip flap" from the begining of a line until user's click to the following line. So i would like an animation of a mouth to start and hide/stop when user click to the next line. I don't figure out how to do that.... I know i can change expression of the face, but it's static. I woul like the impression of lipsing... and eyes blinking multiple times during a line.

Do you have a tip for doing that like in this game (at 00.00.28 sec):

Ore no imouto psp

CSS + WSE ? WSE extenssion ? Variable ?

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Basically doing like this :

Lip flap and Eyes Blinking on Renpy


Your best bet for this is using the - rather experimental - animation asset:

Let me know whether that works for you. I don't know anyone who used that feature yet.


Ok, thanks, we'll check this and give you feedbacks soon.


Hi C7N.
This animation asset works pretty well when it comes to eyes blinking.
But how to make the animation of a "lip flap" last from the begining of a sentence to the end ?

I din't figure out how to do that.


Hi Alyks!

What do you mean by "beginning" and "end" of a sentence? Do you mean the time the line takes to fill the textbox with text (typewriter effect)?

If I understand you correctly, the problem might actually not be solvable using the WebStory language. The thing is that there's no way to end an animation midway. If you stop it, it will run to the end and then stop. This behaviour has long been solved in the underlying library (it can stop, pause and continue animations at any point), but the version used in the engine is really old and doesn't support that yet. And to switch to a recent version would mean we'd have to rewrite all effects in the engine to match the new library version's API... which is something that needs to be done anyway at some point, but for now: no, it probably won't work.


yes, it's basically what i meant.

I want an animation to last from the start of a line and stop at the end.


If you want this behaviour I guess you'll have to wait for WSE Next, sorry. If you really need this feature, I guess your best bet would be to write an extension that introduces a new type of animation asset that can be canceled. You could use the library that will be used in WSE Next as well for that:
https://github.com/jsteinbeck/MO5.js (see README section about animations)

You would probably want to use the MO5.Animation module for that. You'd have to change the source though so that the old global MO5 object doesn't collide with the new MO5 module loader function. To be honest, writing such an extension will be quite a difficult task if you're not familiar with the engine's internals.


Sorry for the late reply. I was very busy. Thank you.