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Full Version: Save/load related bugreports
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Looks like save/load subsystem have some serious bugs.

Scenario 1 - fixed in 0.3.4-pre
Save at any place of a game.
Play until you meet a
, then without selecting any
, load saved game.
Result: game loads and stucks, it is imposible to get to next line.

Scenario 2 - fixed in 0.3.4-pre
Save at any
Start playing again, then load this state.
Result: buttons for different
appear and does not dissappear. Looks like also game does not jump to proper script line, continuing to play as if nothing was loaded, except for pictures and menu lines, that does not disappear even after passing other menus.


Thanks for reporting, _Ib_.

I found some bugs with restoring Imagepacks when checking your scenarios.

Scenario 1 worked for me, but when a current image was set it wasn't hidden when the next set command was used. I didn't encounter any problems with the choice menu though.

Scenario 2 works for me, too. Again there's the bug with the image that is stuck. But no jumping to the wrong line or anything.

I uploaded a preview of the changes I made here: http://webstoryengine.org/releases/0.3.4...yEngine.js

Please try it out with this version, If it does not work, please give me more details about the state of the program, like the console output (F12 in Chrome and IE, needs Firebug in Firefox), which browser you used. Maybe a test game where the error occurs? Thanks.


Somehow it seems to fix issues with scenarios 1 and 2. Control is never lost, loaded game plays from proper line, no more non-disappearing options when loading menus. However, there is a more strange scenario i was able to find and here is a minimal test case.

Scenario 3 - fixed in 0.3.4-pre.2:
1. save at any place of the game
2. finish the game, forcing engine to perform
3. load saved game
Result: game loads, everything works, except for
commands, every call of them produces warning:
Warning: Unknown image name on 'do' element referencing imagepack 'sylvie'. <set asset=​"sylvie" image=​"surprised" duration=​"0">​</set>​ WebStoryEngine.js:3235

Bug is stable, it always takes place on this test game: http://rghost.ru/49358453


Uploaded a new version 0.3.4-pre.2 that hopefully fixes this at:


Yeah, bug is fixed! Thanks a lot!