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Full Version: WebStory Engine 2015.10 released!
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It's been a while since the last official release (almost a year!) and since then there have been some serious changes to WSE both under the hood and feature-wise.

From this point onwards I plan to release a new version whenever new features are available (but not more than once per month).

To reflect this, the versioning scheme has been changed to a date-based format (<YEAR>.<MONTH>.<BUILD_NUMBER>-<BUILD_STATE>.<DATE>). Also, internal libraries have been updated and a javascript module system is now used for loading all of the engine parts.

To sum it up, this release adds various new features and some bugfixes:

  • Added a while command
  • Added with command
  • Added set_vars command
  • Variables can now be used in most attributes using the {$var} syntax
  • Options in choice now support inline commands
  • The move command now supports anchors for x and y
  • Added various tests / example games
  • Added full public domain sprite packs "Cecile" and "Jack"
  • Textboxes can now be styled differently for each speaker
  • WSE now uses MO5's module loader
  • Fixed various sound issues
You can grab the release here:


If you find any bugs in this version, you can either report them on GitHub or here in the forum.
Thank you !
An update to 2015.10 has been released:

It mainly fixes the side-images extension.