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Full Version: Toothrot, a new Interactive Fiction engine
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I recently created a new text-based engine for anyone interested in making text-only games. I wanted to create something a little more sophisticated and professional than Twine, but still rather easy to use and with the option to deploy your games as native desktop programs as well as in the form of a plain old HTML file. My hope is that in the future we will see more interactive fiction that is as easy to use as Twine games but retains some of the more advanced possibilites of parser-based games.

You can play a really short test game here:

And you can read all about the engine here:

There's also a win/mac/linux desktop app for deploying your games (based on NW.js):

Some of the features:

- Markdown-like game language (Example)
- Customizable game menus
- Built-in savegames
- Simple object model with "aspects" and a form of multiple inheritance
- Clickable links (CYOA like Twine)
- Object links/buttons (usable with or without the object model)
- Choice menus with optional timeout (like in Telltale games)
- Reach the next node by clicking on the screen or using the keyboard (like in Visual Novels)
- Nice "reveal" effect for text (like in Visual Novels)
- Audio support (music, ambience and sound)
- Quick Save / Quick Load
- Customizable settings menu for adjusting volumes and text speed
- Appearance can be fully customized using CSS
- Text in default style centered horizontally AND vertically
- JavaScript can be embedded in the game language