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Full Version: WebStory Engine 2016.7 released!
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Finally some new features! WebStory Engine version 2016.7 has just been released and contains the following changes:

A new composite asset has been added. It can be used like an Imagepack, but allows you to have display more than one image at the same time. You can see how to use the new composite asset here:

There's now a simpler, more readable syntax with some shortcuts on top of XML. Read about it here:

Did I mention you can now write your lines like this?

(( c: This is what I'm saying. ))
(( j: And I'm saying this other thing, duh. ))

Of course you can still use the old and ugly XML syntax if you prefer. (I hope you don't.)

Another important change besides the new syntax is the fact that you can now split your story into multiple files.

You can download the new version from here:

Version 2016.7.1 released. It fixes blurry text and images during the reveal effect. For download link, see the first post.
Great ! Thank you !