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Full Version: WebStory Engine Development Todo
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I'm starting this thread to make it a little bit more transparent which parts of the engine I'm currently working on and what I plan to do in the near future.

  • [IN PROGRESS] Remove MO5 library and replace it with smaller, more specific libraries
  • [IN PROGRESS] Re-write animations to support reverse and seek, add to transform-js or create another library
  • [TODO] Change the internals to work with JS Objects / JSON instead of XML/DOM
  • [TODO] Write node.js command line¬†utilities for deploying games so that they don't require a server
  • [TODO] Redesign savegame menu to be easier to use
  • [TODO] Add a screen system expected from most games (main menu, pause menu, savegames, settings)
  • [TODO] Add keyboard controls for menus and dialogs
  • [TODO] Change data sources API to work asynchronously to support loading savegames from a server

Happy to see all that coming up.