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I have tried using the "official chat", but I see there is not much activity on it.

First of all, my name is Pablo and I am new to this forum. Hope to be able to exchange ideas with you guys here.

My question is: I have seen that the documentation hasn't changed for a long time. Is there any plan on continuing it? I am planning on writing a visual novel with the WebStory Engine for a project of mine, and I don't know how to do many things that wouldn't seem to be difficult to do if the docs were complete.

Also, is there any way to make the screen shake? (Similar to the vpunch or hpunch effects on Ren'Py)

Thanks a lot for your answers!
Hi Kozelek,

welcome to the forums! Improving the documentation is one of the top priorities, but I didn't have any time to work on it since january because of a project at work that consumes all of my time and energy.

To answer your other question: You can use the shake command for something similar:

. shake @myAsset
Thanks a lot for your reply jfhs... I will tell you about my progress this weekend. Good luck with that project at work Smile