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Full Version: How to test your visual novel in local (Offline)
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Hi everyone,

First I want to thank C7N for his visual engine, which I find very useful, simple, and effective to support your story online without installing anything. That's great !

Then I think it might be useful to explain how to test your story offline using webstory engine. This tutorial is for windows users.

1- First you need to download a python interpreter suitable with your computer here : http://www.python.org/download/ and install it.

2- Then you'll have to open a dos prompt. To do so, you can type cmd in the searching bar in the start menu.

3- Then you'll need to make your python interpreter working by adding its directory to the PATH variable by typing in the prompt : SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\yourpythondirectory\ .

4-Then go to your visual novel directory by typing : cd C:\yourvisualnoveldirectory\

5- Then launch the emulated internet server by typing : python -m SimpleHTTPServer or python -m http.server . Something like : Serving HTTP on port 8000 ... Should appear in the prompt.

6- Finally launch your visual novel by opening your internet browser and typing in the address bar : http://localhost:8000/

That's all and thanks for reading !


Thanks for sharing, Germinator! Can I add your tutorial to the wiki page about web servers, too?


Of course, no problem.

But maybe someone really competent in computer science can enhance and correct it if necessary.

Just some random question for you C7N. Have you already made a visual novel ? Do you plan of doing one ?



I moved my answer into a new topic since your question is a little off-topic. You can find it here:


I know this post old but I wanted to add, we've been using:
HTTP File Server (http://www.rejetto.com/hfs/) for version 0.3.7.
It does not work for later versions of WSE.

Simply open the program, drag and drop the files you want to use into the window.
Then go to the local address listed at the top of the program, that's it Smile.