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Full Version: Export to Android APK
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WSE is working great for us and we were hoping to convert our game into an APK file using webview. The game was 90% converted to apk file just fine when using eclipse or phonegap. However, Eclipse and Phonegap receive the same errors about not being able to find the audio files for the game. Everything works except for audio. I know WSE was not made to natively support being exported to Android but if anyone knows of a tool we could try that would be great.

So in general, images, animations, controls all work except for sound. Because the Android SDK cannot locate the media files using relative file paths. I noticed the audio loads fine if I host the sound files on a http server and tell the xml file to look at the http server for the audio files (using an absolute file path). Any ideas or suggestions would be fantastic.

Thank you


Also, I know there is RenPy to APK converter. So I believe the webstory engine having a converter would be great as well.


I've never tried converting a WebStory to Android, but from what I read online the HTML5 audio in Android seems kinda buggy.

Where do you try to play the audio files from? It might be that you need to copy the audio files to SD card first because of a bug in HTML5 Audio on Android.
See https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/...neF6j47yFY

What you could try if that's not an option would be to use the Phonegap media API instead. To do that you'd have to use your own version of the Audio asset file (just copy the file, make your changes and change the script source in the HTML to point to the new file) and make changes like described in the top answer here:

Let me know what works for you, thanks.


I believe Ren'py avoids media issues like this by converting all mp3 and wav files to the ogg format. Maybe give that a try too.


Sorry for the late reply and thank you everyone for your help. Ogg file is also not found. I have also tried reading the mp3 file from the sdcad and received permission denied. Even though i specify the read external storage device permissions. The phonegap media API sounds interesting but if I use that plugin on the html file, how can I edit the xml sound reference path to use phonegaps API?

Current Tries:
source href="android.resource://com.brg.example/raw/menu" file not found
source href="sdcard/menu.mp3" permission denied on sdcard (app has read access)
source href="storage/sdcard0/menu.mp3" permission denied
source href="file:///assets/music/menu.mp3" file not found

I've been looking into the sound issue daily my attempts at getting the music to play can be found here (with a detailed post):

I also have a link to an example webstory project that i'm trying to convert to an apk file using eclipse here:
http://tinyurl.com/p7s5w2v File Menu -> Download.