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Full Version: New Forum Software!
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Hey there!

As you can probably see we now use MyBB instead of Vanilla Forums. This change was long overdue; Vanilla severely disappointed me by being literally flooded by spammers, with no obvious way to counteract this. I was also disappointed by the features it provided. I think simplicity is usually good and it seems that is what Vanilla aims for - but for my tastes, the software was too limited in many respects. For example, because of the constant flood of spam bots I had to change the sign-up process to include manual approval of each account by an administrator. This was annoying in itself (both for me and the users), but what made it even worse was the fact that you couldn't even automatically filter users by what they wrote in their application text... it was sometimes difficult to find the few genuine registrations in the hundreds of spam applications the forum got almost every day.

The migration process from Vanilla to MyBB was actually quite the hassle because the migration script was broken in a lot of places. I even managed to crash the server running it... but I'm glad we at least have the data in the new forum now. Unfortunately for some reason old posts are all attributed to an anonymous "Guest" user. But that's better than not having them at all.

For those of you who already had an account on the Vanilla forums, your login should work here as well and you can just continue using it for the new software. If you encounter any problems, you can write to support@iiyo.org.

But enough with the rant - I hope MyBB will work better for us. Have fun!  Smile